9 thoughts on “Repoussed suit aka "The Ugroli"

  1. Wow! awesome work. Is that modeling clay that you back your pieces with?

  2. Hi,
    The punches you use, do you custom make them or are they a commercially available set. Grobet, and Riogrande have set available. However I feel they more a foundation set?


    • I’ve had my chisels forever! I bought the big set from Rio Grande and “sweetened” them they come really sharp so you’ll need to do some work on them. Or spend the money and get them from nechamkin.com

  3. OMG, that is indeed a beautiful piece of art. May I ask what would be the aprox cost for the breastplate + pauldrons?

  4. Do you fill the blank with clay and then torch-heat before chasing into the surface? Or do you chase cold and just anneal the piece periodically? (Or both?)

    Thanks for showing these – your work is amazing, and inspiring.

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